Primanti Style Sandwich

Today I was craving a little bite of home. I decided I would make up a Primanti style sandwich. If you have never heard of the famous Primanti Brothers, what they do it put the coleslaw and fries right on the sandwich. Check them out

For my version I used homemade coleslaw, ground turkey, swiss cheese, and hash browns. My coleslaw recipe is as follows:
1 head of cabbage
1/2 cup of Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar
6tbsp Splenda
Pepper to taste

Basically mix the vinegar and Splenda till the Splenda has dissolved, this will be the dressing. Next just shred the cabbage or you can buy pre shredded cabbage. Just throw the shredded cabbage in a ziplock bag and pour in the dressing and add some black pepper to taste and stick it in the fridge for at least an hour. The longer it sits the better it gets. I also made a video for this that you can find on my YouTube channel.

Once you have your coleslaw ready you just need to assemble your sandwich. I start by getting the hash browns on the skillet. While they are cooking I start building my base. For the bread I used Sara Lee’s 45 calorie whole wheat. On top of that I placed one slice of Kraft thin sliced swiss, 5oz of 93/7 turkey, and 100g of coleslaw. What ever slaw didn’t fit I just but on the side but this should not be a clean eat your supposed to make a mess. Once the hash browns are nice and browned I placed it on top of the sandwich and 34g of Heinz Ketchup. Now for the best part enjoy it! Below is the pictures of the finished product. This really made me feel home. I will post up a video around Wednesday as my microphone will be here on Tuesday!

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