#7challenge ::::: As Colin Kaepernick is STILL being blackballed by the NFL, this will be another year I refuse to watch the the big game this weekend. To me, this is way bigger than any game could be. My support for Colin is endless. In honor of everything he does for the community, I am donating $7 to Colin’s free organization to help children learn their RIGHTS, Know Your Rights Camp. The number 7 is symbolic because it is KAP’s jersey number. I challenge @runbeemc @jared.not.jerry @jlabuck007 @j4mes_ @dyj.doc @doublem21 @bsafs to donate $7 to Know Your Rights Camp and to nominate 7 others to do the same! :::::: You can always go to knowyourrightscamp.com and click donate. ::::: #imwithkap #7Challenge #nokapnofootball @kaepernick7 Know Your Rights Camp

from Instagram: http://bit.ly/2MODhEZ

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