Long time no see! Back on the grind!

How’s it going everyone? It’s been a while since I have been on here but time to get it back started up! A lot has happened since my last post. First off I competed in my first power lifting meet in February. I hit 375 on the squat and hit all three lifts, hit 252 on the bench only completing one of the lifts and I am focusing on bringing this up as much as possible, and hit a PR of 452 on deadlifts hitting all three lifts. I weighted in at the meet at 178 and qualified for raw nationals in two weight classes. I also dealt with a little health scare in that I had to get a biopsy on my thyroid. This is was from a yearly checkup on a lump on it that grew enough that they wanted to check into it. The first results came back indeterminate so they had to do another one that came back the same. They were able to send it off for molecular analysis and luckily after 2 months of sitting on pins and needles I found that it is not currently cancerous. The doctor did say that in 6 months if it has increased in size at all they are going to remove half of the thyroid, but we can cross that bridge in 6 months! I switched gyms and now have a true and reliable lifting partner. Finally I reverse dieted back up to 180ish and have started cutting back down! My coach and I have been working getting things dialed back in but I think after last week we are getting back rolling. Currently my macros are training days 250c/55f/220p and rest day 200c/55f/220p. This week I am doing a refeed on Thursday. Ready to get back lean and back on updating this again with some new recipes and food options! I am toying with IF or intermittent fasting to see how it goes. I am using a 16 hour fast and 8 hour feed. My fast is from 4:30PM to 8:30AM and eating from 8:30AM-4:30PM. During the fasting time the only thing that I can consume is 0 calorie items such as water and coffee and zero calorie sweetener. Hope everyone has been good now lets Do Work!

Getting caught back up! Stopping my cheating

So now that I am getting caught back up after a crazy week at work my cut ended on Monday! I was stress bingeing towards the end and the last couple days. I am going to start to get back on here a bit more to try to control any urges and also to hold my self accountable. I have also hung a picture of CT Fletcher on my pantry door to keep me out and get back to hitting my macros. Hoping that I didn’t do too much damage after all the hard work that I put in but I feel good. I know that I have the ability to lean out and undo what ever I have done the last 3 days. Just need to get my head back in the game and put back in the work! Going to be honest with my coach and tell him straight up.

Because of the cheating I have been eating very bro today had Broast for breakfast, greek yogurt and protein powder post workout and some steak, brown rice and broccoli for lunch. I have steak and brown rice for afternoon and dinner will be a veggie stir fry and dover sole then finishing off the macros with Greek yogurt, peanut butter chips and a little protein powder. My new macros are 150c/45f/210p. Hoping to hold to them today. Let me rephrase that I am going to stick to them today and get back on track.

New Video: Stuffed Poblano Recipe

I have just finally finished editing a new video for you all. Here is my recipe for stuffed poblano peppers. This has become one of my favorite meals and its actually something that I have never had in a restaurant. I will also be putting together a day of eating video that I have been recording today with an amazing frittata recipe. Thanks as always and I look forward to hearing from all of you!

Who am I?

My transformation currently.

My transformation currently.

Hey everyone. I just want to say thank you all that have been reading the blog so far and express my absolute gratitude in your support of me and want to congratulate you trying to be the best version of you!

So who am I? My name is Joe Mallit and I live in Snoqualmie, WA. I work for a major software company in an IT engineering role but that is not what defines who I am that is what I do. Who I am is someone that is trying to become the best version of my self as Elliott Hulse would say. Back in 2009 I decided to make a huge change in my life. At the time I was 273 pounds and in August I was at a wedding for my cousin and when I got back my grandmother called me and was seriously concerned about my health and how overweight I was. She mentioned that I try Nutrisystem to try to drop some of the weight. I decided to give it a try and truly committed myself to it. Over the next 10 or so month I proceeded to stick with it and lost 100 pounds and changed my life. This major improvement gave me self confidence and self respect. I learned a lot while dropping the weight and being on the program. I spent the next couple of years just living my life happy and healthier. In 2012 I discovered Bodybuilding.com and decided that I really would like to better my physique. I knew that while I did an amazing job of trying to drop weight before I still needed to cut more to really be lean and where I could start a bulk. Over the next year and a half I proceeded to try almost all of the plans they had on their site and while I was actually getting stronger I was not really changing my physique. I started to pick up on some YouTube channels and started to get into the fitness life. I started by following CT Fletcher and Mike Rashid I was hammering out some of their workouts and feeling great but clearly my diet was not on point. Through one of the collaboration videos I was introduced to Chris Jones and Physiques of Greatness and saw that he offered online coaching. I decided to contact him about it and starting November 2013 I committed to starting my cut and program with him on December 1st. This was my introduction to IIFYM. At first I was still eating a very “bro” diet of chicken and brown rice. As I continued to go through I was actually seeing success once we got me dialed in. I kept finding new YouTube channels and found the Chelsea Lifts channel who is a flexible eater and that is when I got my true introduction to the fact that with macros you can eat what you want as long as it fits! During one of her videos she mentioned Macro Magic which is a FaceBook group, one that if you are not a member of yet I highly recommend joining. I joined up with this group and started to really expand what I was eating with members like Eric Johnson being some inspiration. I have started to become more active in that community.

So know you know a little history about who I am and how I got into IIFYM here is why I am doing this. I want everyone to be able to live healthy and happy and I fell like I was given a second chance to live my life to the fullest and I just want to pay it forward so that everyone has that chance. I want you all to see that eating doesn’t have to be restrictive just be with in the limits of what you need to reach your goals.

Again thanks again for taking the time to support me and I look forward to hearing from all of you. I am always here to support you and will never not respond to anyone no matter how busy I am.