I’ll warm you this is not my normal post and its long. This is not political because I hate all politics. This is about human rights. When it happens to someone like this it gets the press, but can only imagine all the people that don’t get justice for the violation of their rights! This is not ok no matter who is on the receiving end. Do better US! I get everyone might not be ok with my friend @kaepernick7 method, but you CANNOT deny his message! #imwithkap #istandwithkaepernick #Repost @kaepernick7 This violation that happened against my Brother Michael Bennett @mosesbread72 is disgusting and unjust. What do you think happens to people without fame and wealth? I stand with Michael and stand with the people.

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Never been so #happy to have #kicks on both feet. Still a while before I’m #100 and trying to remember how to walk without a limp. Week and a half until I can start body weight movements. Working towards getting back to #squats and #deadlift progress is progress. #myaddidas #adidas #boost #kicksonfire #sneakercommunity #sneakers #sneakerhead #powerlifting #cpnypowerlifting #barbellimmortals #usapl #rpspowerlifting

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Long and sentimental post alert: I’ve never been one for keeping a large number of acquaintances. I keep people around me and create strong bonds. I might not have the thousands of friends but I keep around and in touch with the ones who matter. Hell in February @runbeemc and I will be entering or 20th year. A little over a year ago I moved to NYC knowing 1 person here. Months went by I met people at various gyms built a relationship some stuck others failed. I walked into @cpsportscenter and joined because of the powerlifting club. Immediately I was accepted by the mid sized group, and as the group has grown my bond with everyone one of these people has strengthened far more than my lifts. This has become my family including the one not in the picture.

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