#7challenge ::::: As Colin Kaepernick is STILL being blackballed by the NFL, this will be another year I refuse to watch the the big game this weekend. To me, this is way bigger than any game could be. My support for Colin is endless. In honor of everything he does for the community, I am donating $7 to Colin’s free organization to help children learn their RIGHTS, Know Your Rights Camp. The number 7 is symbolic because it is KAP’s jersey number. I challenge @runbeemc @jared.not.jerry @jlabuck007 @j4mes_ @dyj.doc @doublem21 @bsafs to donate $7 to Know Your Rights Camp and to nominate 7 others to do the same! :::::: You can always go to knowyourrightscamp.com and click donate. ::::: #imwithkap #7Challenge #nokapnofootball @kaepernick7 Know Your Rights Camp

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This weekend I was fortunate enough to be allowed to help with the #knowyourrightscamp. The amazing work that @kaepernick7 @nessnitty and all the new friends that I made this weekend are doing will have a lasting impression on the lives of the kids involved and myself. Colin is putting his money, but more importantly his actions where his mouth is! I can only hope that I will be able to be involved in the future.

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Proud to see the @steelers taking a positive step towards #socialjustice. Even though I have not watched then it is great to see the unity. Get educated, until 2009 no teams were in the field for the national anthem. Also the NFL breaks the flag code every week with its pre game ceremonies. The flag should never fly horizontally, it should fly vertical and free! Since when did the flag become more important than our fellow man?!? #imwithkap I stand with @kaepernick7

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I’ll warm you this is not my normal post and its long. This is not political because I hate all politics. This is about human rights. When it happens to someone like this it gets the press, but can only imagine all the people that don’t get justice for the violation of their rights! This is not ok no matter who is on the receiving end. Do better US! I get everyone might not be ok with my friend @kaepernick7 method, but you CANNOT deny his message! #imwithkap #istandwithkaepernick #Repost @kaepernick7 This violation that happened against my Brother Michael Bennett @mosesbread72 is disgusting and unjust. What do you think happens to people without fame and wealth? I stand with Michael and stand with the people.

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