Regional Frittatas

Getting tired of seeing these yet? Not sick of eating them.

Today and Friday I made up some regional frittatas.

On Friday I did one that was inspired by where I currently live the good ‘ol pacific northwest. I used some local smoked salmon, whipped cream cheese, spinach and mushrooms. I topped it with some Heinz ketchup but really didn’t need to. The combination of the salmon and cream cheese has always been a favorite of mine and adding the spinach and mushrooms helped to give it some volume and added some additional flavors, plus helped hit the micro nutrients. This like all of my meals was super easy to make! I took 2oz of the smoked salmon and heated it up in a pan on medium heat then as soon as I weighted out the serving of cream cheese I added that. I weighted out the spinach and the mushrooms and added them to the pan. Once the spinach had wilted a bit I added 1 cup of egg whites. Let the eggs cook a bit around the edges and stirring constantly till it was like an egg soup texture so that you have some cooked egg throughout. Once you have reached this stick it under the broiler for 10 minutes and let it cook the rest of the way through. Once its done plate and enjoy! Macros are great for this meal if your low on carbs and you can use fat free cream cheese to save fats. The other plus is you are getting good fats from the salmon. For the whole thing without the ketchup its 9c/7f/42p.


2oz Smoked Salmon

1 cup Egg Whites

42g Spinach

50g Mushrooms

22g Whipped Cream Cheese

Smoked Salmon, Whipped CreamChee, Spinach and Mushrooms. Topped with some Heinz Ketchup but not needed.

Smoked Salmon, Whipped CreamChee, Spinach and Mushrooms. Topped with some Heinz Ketchup but not needed.

This morning I went back to the east coast with a little “crab cake” frittata! This came out awesome and was helpful on this low carb rest day. I would have preferred to find some fresher crab meat and would have preferred blue crab but what I had was better than dungeness. The other change I would have made was adding Old Bay earlier in the process, but that’s what this is all about making and tweaking! So whats in a “crab cake” frittata and how did I make it? I took 3oz of canned lump crab meat, fat free cream cheese and some Laughing Cow Queso Fresco Chipotle and warmed it up on a medium pan. I added 1 cup of egg whites and followed the same procedure as above, but just before I popped it in the oven I crushed up two Kim’s mini pops and added it to the mix to give it the crunch and that light binder that you would get from a crab cake but still keeping the focus on the crab like they do in Maryland! Once I pulled it out of the oven I spread another wedge of the Laughing Cow and some Old Bay seasoning on top. If you want to take your taste buds on a trip to the east coast for some crab cakes this will definitely accomplish that! The macros for this frittata was 8c/5f/51p and worth every bit of it! I actually had this at 10am and now that it is 1pm I am still not hungry which is very important today when I am running on poverty macros! Give it a try and enjoy!


3oz Crab Meat

33g Fat Free Cream Cheese

2 Wedges of Laughing Cow Queso Fresco Chipotle

2 Kim’s Mini Pops

Old Bay to taste

Crab Meat, Chipotle Queso Laughing Cow, and FF CreamChee and Egg Whites. Topped with more of the queso and Old Bay

Crab Meat, Chipotle Queso Laughing Cow, and FF CreamChee and Egg Whites. Topped with more of the queso and Old Bay



Mash it up!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately I am on my cut and have been a little sluggish and tired lately mixed with some issues at work I just haven’t had the time.

I have been hitting my steamer and some FroPro hard lately. To do with the steaming I have been making cauliflower mash and loving it. The volume that you can get out of it is amazing.

What have I been steaming? Fish, chicken, and the cauliflower. After my last trip to Trader Joe’s I have been enjoying their Dover Sole and MahiMahi so much that I picked up some of the salmon and tuna that I plan to cook up this week. Turns out when you are eating a variety of protein sources you end up having what you used to buy in bulk go bad. I bought a decent amount of fresh chicken and it all went bad by the time I decided to eat chicken so I am sticking with the frozen and pulling it out as needed. I have been seasoning the fish with some of the spices that I found at World Market. Check out the video that I posted to see some of the options. I am still at work so I am going to get to the mashed cauli recipe and will post some more later. Look for another post today. Making up for lost time!

The first thing I did was break the green off the cauliflower heads, I made two since I really like cauliflower and broccoli so I knew I would need a lot, and threw it all in the steamer to cook up till it was soft. Once it was done I put it all in Tupperware so that I can store it in the fridge and mash as needed. Here is what I had with most of the meals:

200g of steamed cauliflower

30g Trader Joe’s Tzatziki

1 egg

garlic power


I also have been swapping out the egg for 62g of egg whites to cut down on the fat if I need but the whole egg makes it a bit more creamy. I heat up the cauliflower in the microwave with some water in the bowl for 2 minutes to make sure it is soft and this helps cook the egg. I toss it all in my food processor and grind still it reaches the consistency that I am looking for! For 200g of cauliflower the macros are 12c/7f/11p. Again you can cut the fat by using egg whites instead of a full egg or cut the egg all together I just like it as a binder and need the protein. Also you can substitute out the Tzatziki with ricotta, swiss or any other cheese that would melt down. Have fun with it! I plan to add some red pepper to mine tonight based on Eric Johnson’s post on the Macro Magic FaceBook page.

The other thing that has been hitting my sweet tooth lately has been protein fluff/fropro/profro/ice cream what ever you want to call it. I make the standard fluff then at the end hit it with about 4 cups of blended ice. Check out some of the pictures I’ll try to record tonight’s. I also have some goodies from and Lana’s Egg whites that I am going to do a review of. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment and checkout the YouTube Channel for more content.

Pi Day? Should be Tri Day!

Actually today was chest and back but I hit tri’s with chest so counting it!

How’s it going guys? Today was a pretty standard meal day up until dinner and dessert when I stepped out of the box a bit. For dinner I changed the pizza game up a bit with this new Mountain Bread wraps that I found. I decided that I would try some pastries with the toppings that I was going to do a pizza with. What did I discover?

  1. I need to work on my wrapping ability
  2. I should have cut the pastry squares differently
  3. Mountain Bread is awesome!

So as I work on my wrapping of these I am going to hold off on making a video about making them for now but I promise I will keep trying. The macros for the dish wasn’t bad at all and ended up leaving me extra room for more fun stuff for dessert. The macros are 21c/12f/34p. The fats can be reduced by using egg whites, fat free cheese and a leaner meat. I plan on trying this with some other fillings as well maybe even go a little Asian or Mexican with it to get some different flavor profiles. Let me know what you guys think and what your thoughts on some fillings could be. Thinking also of rolling some up and making some fluff and piping it inside as a “pronoli” or protein cannoli! In all I have big plans for the Mountain Bread. End this rant!


Only using one of the wraps gave me an additional 14 carbs to play with for dessert and I had some options that included crumbles of chocolate chip cookies which might be in the cards for tomorrow, Hershey’s cookies and cream cereal, Fiber One Cereal for that extra fiber, fruit, or what I ended up going with was Reese’s puffs! I have been afraid to go to some of the sugary cereals because I tend to start to crave them but I figure the way that my weight has been going I can keep strong and that is what I am doing! I hit 171.8 yesterday which is again a new low! So I used my standard cake recipe, topped it with some Chocolate syrup and Chocolate Arctic Zero then topped that with the Reese’s puffs. I was in heaven! Macros are 24c/10f/36p.

Strawberry protein cake with chocolate Arctic Zero, Walden's Frams chocolate, and Reese's puffs.

Strawberry protein cake with chocolate Arctic Zero, Walden’s Frams chocolate, and Reese’s puffs.


Maybe instead of tri day I’ll call it try day because of the different foods I tried today. The weekend is tomorrow and I plan on posting up 3-4 videos including the tuna casserole and a pizza recipe. Watch for some crazy stuff coming up!


Thanks guys and gals for checking this out and don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel for some great upcoming content. Hit me up on twitter, Facebook and instagram @cookingtofit. Have a great weekend!

First Post and POV Cake

Strawberry protein cake with cream cheese artic zero icing.

Strawberry protein cake with cream cheese artic zero icing.

I want to welcome you to my new blog that will have recipes, full days of eating and other random thoughts.

For my first post I am going to post my evening meal of a protein powder cake, I’m working on starting a YouTube Channel and this is also posted on the Facebook page. I ended up actually cooking it for an additional 30 seconds to make sure that it was done. The way that the Artic Zero mixed with the Waldens Farms was awesome! This was one of my best cakes yet, only been doing it for a week but still.

Macros for everything: 17c/7f/34p

1tsp baking powder…
1 scoop Cellucor Strawberry Whey
1.5tsp Xanthum gum
46g egg whites
water to thin

Mix them up and microwave for 2 minutes

22g Whipped Cream Cheese
70g Artic Zero Maple Vanilla
WF syrup

Combined the cream cheese and Artic Zero in a bowel and microwave for 10 seconds to soften then mix and pour on top.