Day of eating and new video

Hey guys and gals! Here is another day of eating post. I also post the video for my Pittsburgh Sandwich. My carbs are a little higher today because it is a leg day and my coach has me increasing my carbs on leg days instead of reefed days. I actually like this better. Todays goals are 220c/55f/230p.

Heres the video:



This morning was a little rough after my two hockey games being a little late and the league was running behind so I didn’t get home till after 11pm and was up at my normal 5:30am. I started breakfast by cooking up 70g of mushrooms then tossing in some spinach. Once the spinach was a little wilted and the mushrooms were soft I added 224g of egg whites international egg whites. As the omelet was cooking I started to assemble my puffed kamut. I put 3 serving which is 45g in a huge bowl and topped it with some Walden’s Farm Caramel syrup, couple of grinds of sea salt and some Walden’s Farm pancake syrup. I added 3 cups of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk then topped the whole thing with 20g of chocolate whipped topping. Very filling and GAF!

Spinach and mushroom omelet and salted caramel puffed kaumt.

Spinach and mushroom omelet and salted caramel puffed kaumt.

Pre/Post workout(34c/8f/51p):

On my way to the gym I took a One a Day MV, 2 fish oil soft gels, 5g of creatine and one scoop of Cellucor C4. Hammered out a leg workout that was tough with my legs still being pretty tired out from hockey the night before and running on shorter than normal sleep. After the workout I had 40g of prunes, 1 scoop of MTS vanilla and one scoop of Cellucor Cinnamon Swirl.


Once I got to work I had my second meal. I had a salad with 85g of butter lettuce, 100g of spaghetti squash, 200g of coleslaw, 28g of fat free cheese, and 124g of Gifiltte Fish. I prefer the taste of the Gefiltte fish over that of the Whitefish and Pike. This salad had no dressing and I enjoyed getting the flavors of everything without it being masked by the dressing. I did get a box from yesterday and picked up some Walden’s Farm Sweet Onion dressing that I tasted and it was definitely a keeper. I’ll go over everything that I got from them in a video soon.


For lunch I had a salad with pork, sauerkraut, coleslaw, butter lettuce, broccoli and Miracle Noodle rice. I used some Braggs as the dressing. Things were crazy at work so I didn’t get a picture of this but is came out great and I liked the “rice” I will definitely be getting more of it.


Dinner was kind of a homemade pizza pocket. I took two slices of oat Mountain Bread and on one put 63g of Pizza sauce, 28g of fat free mozzarella, 50g of pork and 50g of mushrooms then placed the other slice of Mountain Bread on top and toasted it. Used a little scorpion chili as I was eating it. This was a winner.


I have been craving caramel popcorn the past couple days since I picked up a candle the smells like it. I haven’t been able to stand pop corn since living with my ex and should would burn it constantly. I found some pretty macro friendly caramel microwave popcorn from Orville Redenbacker. 1 cup was 9c/3f/0p. To go with my popcorn I made my Pronnolis. I used chocolate protein this time to make the filling and it came out awesome. I didn’t get a picture of them but below is the rest of the fluff and the popcorn. In all it was a winning meat day.

Caramel popcorn in chocolate fluff.

Caramel popcorn in chocolate fluff.

Can you really eat pork and Kosher in the same day?

So today I added some Whitefish and Pike filets to my salad for lunch and it was good, but I prefer gefilte fish I was just running a little low and the fats were a bit higher. This made for a completely Kosher salad! I offset this by making a salad with pork and sauerkraut the complete opposite of Kosher. In the end I am glad that I am only Jew-ish.

So you have some what of an idea of what I was eating today but here is the run down.


I had my normal omelet with the exception of the fact that I ran out of mushrooms this morning so I had to adjust a bit later in the day. For my carbs I had three servings of Puffed Kamut with WF chocolate syrup, almond milk, and fat free whipped topping

Pre/Post Workout(34c/8f/51p):

I had my fish oil and multi before I left and on the way in took my creatine and C4. Hit a tough legs day and really pushed my self. I seemed to have pulled my right hamstring this week after two weeks ago pulling my left. After the workout I had 50g of prunes and 1 scoop of MTS Chocolate whey with 1 scoop of Peanut Butter Marshmallow Cellucor which takes like a Reese’s peanut butter cup. I also had two scoops of biogro in it.


Here is when I had the pork salad.


After a few meetings I had the whitefish salad.


I stopped at Whole Foods on the way home and picked up some goodies which will be part of a new series that I will release on YouTube called shopping to fit(I know I haven’t released many videos how can you have a new series). So when I got home I pulled out some of the lavash bread I bought and swapped it out for the planned pita that I was going to use. For the toppings I loaded up 60g of pork, 25g of black trumpet mushrooms, and some fat free mozzarella cheese. I put it in the oven for 10 minutes at 375 and topped it with some scorpion chilis. It was GAF!


For dessert I made a red velvet cake with Cellucor Red Velevet, 1tbsp of coco powder, 1tsp of baking powder, 1.5tsp of Xanthum gum, 62g of egg whites international, 30g of dried mango and some water to thin it out. To top it off I used some fat free whipped topping, whipped cream cheese and some raspberry preserves.


Thanks for checking out the blog. Ill be posting more tomorrow about some of the groceries I picked up. Also my new computer will be here on Thursday so I will get the videos up very soon. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter and facebook!