Hey Stranger! Miso Glazed Sea Bass

So I know I have been pretty much not on here lately. I have been busy at work and by the time I get home I am just ready to eat, hit cardio and go to bed. I am going to start trying to get back on here again starting with this post!

Tonight for dinner I made miso glazed sea bass. I picked up a 6oz filet of sea bass from my local Asian market Uwajimaya and soaked it in a mix of miso and water overnight. I stuck some broccolini in my steamer for 20 minutes and while that was cooking up placed a pan over medium heat and placed the bass and the rest of the marinade in the pan. As the marinade was reducing down I spooned it on to the bass until it was almost gone. While that was happening I also preheated my oven to 350 and cooked the bass in there for the last 10 minutes. At this point the steamer was done and so was the bass. I pulled out my new chopsticks, inspired by Kai Greene in Generation Iron, and devoured this because it was the best piece of fish I have ever cooked! Give it a try and let me know what you think! Its great for macros with 6c/4f/36p.

Stay tuned for daily posts and a day of eating video coming up!

Mongolian BBQ at Home

Went to Mongolian BBQ last night for dinner with the family and brought my scale with me to weight out every veggie and piece of meat to stay on my macros. Decided to make my own version at home. 100g mushrooms, 113g zucchini, 85g bean sprouts, 40g chopped onions, 1 jalepeno, 85g spinach, 112g chicken breast. Added some random seasoning including curry powder, ginger, garlic, cumin, smoked paprika, and onion powder. Topped it with a little mustard. Filling and tasty.
Homemade BBQ

Peanut Butter and Cinnamon Mashed Purple Potato

Getting back on track and sticking to my macros! Meals like this make it a little easier to crush the cravings. 85g mashed Okinawa sweet potato, cinnamon to taste, 10g of peanut butter, and one packet of sweet and low. Came out awesome and helped get rid of my craving for peanut butter. 22c/5f/3p.
Mashed Purple Potatoes

Getting caught back up! Stopping my cheating

So now that I am getting caught back up after a crazy week at work my cut ended on Monday! I was stress bingeing towards the end and the last couple days. I am going to start to get back on here a bit more to try to control any urges and also to hold my self accountable. I have also hung a picture of CT Fletcher on my pantry door to keep me out and get back to hitting my macros. Hoping that I didn’t do too much damage after all the hard work that I put in but I feel good. I know that I have the ability to lean out and undo what ever I have done the last 3 days. Just need to get my head back in the game and put back in the work! Going to be honest with my coach and tell him straight up.

Because of the cheating I have been eating very bro today had Broast for breakfast, greek yogurt and protein powder post workout and some steak, brown rice and broccoli for lunch. I have steak and brown rice for afternoon and dinner will be a veggie stir fry and dover sole then finishing off the macros with Greek yogurt, peanut butter chips and a little protein powder. My new macros are 150c/45f/210p. Hoping to hold to them today. Let me rephrase that I am going to stick to them today and get back on track.

Day of Eating 40 carbs! Where have I been?

Hey everyone! Sorry its been a while since I blogged here things have been kind of crazy lately. Between me coming down to the wire on my cut and a major project at work (yes I have a big boy job) I have just been to busy to get on here. I have been more busy on Instagram and you can follow me here:


I am going to get back into the swing of things on here in a week or two when this project completes. I hit 163 while I was traveling in Pittsburgh and was really happy about that but last week I was at the same number so still some work to do. I have 3lbs or 3 weeks left on the cut and I think that it is starting to affect me mentally as I really just have been feeling lazy lately and have had little motivation at work. I am going to rant a bit about life here so you can skip to the next paragraph is you would like. I loved my job and group but as I am reaching the end of the cut I am starting to dislike it more and more. Hoping that this mind set changes when I start turning the diet around or if its real I am glad I realized it and what this transformation has shown me is that I can do what ever I set my mind to and I will be able to find something that I enjoy. I still love where I work but would like to find something different.

My macros this week have changed a bit to a little lower protein but a little extra carbs on lifting day which is a huge help because I have just not had any energy to get my cardio in but was really forcing it. Hoping that it might also help with some recovery because it is taking from one leg day to the next to have my legs recover.

So for the eating today. I will get pictures up throughout the day. I got a new camera so they will be more “artistic” but need to be pulled off the camera instead of having them go straight to OneDrive. I am also recording today with the camera so well see how it goes.

Todays macros are 40c/45f/200p and its going to be a rough day ahead to stay full! All carbs are coming from veggies and the cheeses that I will use on my frittata’s and salads.


Breakfast today was a pretty simple 4 ingredient frittata and a cup of coffee. Normally I don’t have coffee but I have been turned onto K-Cup donut house cinnamon roll and chocolate glazed donut and they are great!


113g Zucchini

45g Spinach

275g Lana’s Egg Whites

30g Kefir Cheese (if you can’t find this you can use cream cheese)

I put the zucchini and spinach in a hot pan to wilt the spinach and soften up the zucchini for about 3 minutes. I added some Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy, Onion and Herb, and onion powder to flavor the veggies. Once they were the right texture I added the egg whites and mixed in the kefir cheese. I placed it under the broiler for 7 minutes to get it cooked off and while that was going on I made the cup of coffee. Once the 7 minutes was up I dropped it on the plate and put a little salt and mustard on top and that’s it. A nice quick and easy breakfast. Hoping that this will hold me over for a while!

The next two meals will be salads because I will be eating them at work. One thing about veggies is that you can get great volume and I will be eating an entire bag of Trader Joe’s butter lettuce with both some chicken in one and turkey breast in the other. Both get a serving of the kefir cheese and I will be using a bit of Walden’s Farm Sweet Onion dressing for some additional flavor. Just trying to get through the day without cheating! I think the key will be making some Xtend slush. These are easy and they feel like your eating but its all water and BCAA! If I could just find a way not to get cold for a couple hours after I eat one! Stay tuned for the rest of the day!

I’m back and at work now. I like having the luxury of being able to work from home but sometimes just being that makes me just want to eat. So at 10am I decided to have my mid morning meal. I was pretty happy with how long I was able to hold out to space the meals out. Nothing seems to be going right with work and the way the day has been going so I think the stress is helping to keep me thinking of something other than eating. As I said before I was having a salad. I also had another cup of coffee on the drive in to help me through the day since I am running on such low carbs.

Mid Morning(6c/5f/30p):

As I said this was a pretty simple but refreshing salad. I added a bunch of cilantro and dill to liven it up.


1 bag of Trader Joe’s Butter Lettuce

4oz of Canned Chicken Breast

30g Lite Kefir cheese



Tabasco Jalapeno

What I did was combined the lettuce and chicken in a bowl and then in a small bowl I made a dressing out of the Tabasco, kefir and some of the dill. This was actually a really nice refreshing dressing. I added a bunch of cilantro to the salad and some more dill and tossed it with the dressing. Luckily this was pretty filling and my goal is to not eat again till 1-1:30pm but again being at work I need to just stay focused and not really think about food and try to keep active. Stay tuned for more soon!

Sorry I forgot to complete this entry! Its now almost a week late but going to finish what I ate!

Lunch was basically the same as above just with turkey instead of chicken(6c/5f/44p):


1 bag of Trader Joe’s Butter Lettuce

3oz of Trader Joe’s cooked Turkey Breast

30g Lite Kefir cheese



Tabasco Jalapeno


Dinner was a big frittata! I made my own Guacamole by taking some avocado and kefir cheese and combining them with some garlic salt and onion powder which came out awesome! In the frittata I mixed 42g of spinach, 3oz of Trader Joe’s cooked sirloin, 1 pack of Miracle Rice which has 1 carb, and some laughing cow Queso. Followed my normal frittata procedure and then covered it with the guac!


42g Spinach

3oz Trader Joe’s Cooked Sirloin

50g Avocado

275g Lana’s Egg Whites

1 pack Miracle Rice

30g Kefir Cheese regular fat

1 wedge of Laughing Cow


Finished the day off with some mint chocolate chip Frotein. Followed my normal procedure of three ingredients. Put 2 cups of Almond milk, 1/2tbsp Xanthum gum, and 47g of Cellucor Mint Chip protein powder in my kitchenaid and whip till it fluffs up a bit. Add blended ice and continue to mix till it reaches the desired consistency!

The frotein actually fell off the couch making it a really miserable end to a pretty stressful day! In all I hated the macros for today and just hope I can get through a couple more weeks.


Hey everyone! Last week I posted this on FaceBook and never had time to post this here. I am now back in town and wanted to get this up. I will be getting back on here and Instagram!


Traveling across the country tomorrow to visit family and a rugby team golf outing. Prepped my meals because I’m on them poverty macros on rest day and only 6lbs away from my goal weight. Not about to blow it now! 60c/40f/230p. All kinds of egg white cutz! The one on the left is egg whites with strawberry splash and coco loco Milk Splash and Laughing Cow Strawberry Cream cheese and 1tbsp coconut oil with 3 Kim’s mini pops. 13c/22f/34p. Next is crab meat, LC chipotle queso, ff cream cheese, on a bed of spinach. 13c/5f/57p. Next turkey, mushroom, zuchinni, spinach, and queso. 17c/7f/58p. Last is turkey, mushroom, spinach and queso. 13c/3f/56p. Each one is 275g of egg whites. Finishing off the day with a scoop of CnC Cellucor. I know its not the widest variety but making sacrifices to hit that goal. I will have a kitchen at my hotel so as soon as I land first stop is a grocery store.


Regional Frittatas

Getting tired of seeing these yet? Not sick of eating them.

Today and Friday I made up some regional frittatas.

On Friday I did one that was inspired by where I currently live the good ‘ol pacific northwest. I used some local smoked salmon, whipped cream cheese, spinach and mushrooms. I topped it with some Heinz ketchup but really didn’t need to. The combination of the salmon and cream cheese has always been a favorite of mine and adding the spinach and mushrooms helped to give it some volume and added some additional flavors, plus helped hit the micro nutrients. This like all of my meals was super easy to make! I took 2oz of the smoked salmon and heated it up in a pan on medium heat then as soon as I weighted out the serving of cream cheese I added that. I weighted out the spinach and the mushrooms and added them to the pan. Once the spinach had wilted a bit I added 1 cup of egg whites. Let the eggs cook a bit around the edges and stirring constantly till it was like an egg soup texture so that you have some cooked egg throughout. Once you have reached this stick it under the broiler for 10 minutes and let it cook the rest of the way through. Once its done plate and enjoy! Macros are great for this meal if your low on carbs and you can use fat free cream cheese to save fats. The other plus is you are getting good fats from the salmon. For the whole thing without the ketchup its 9c/7f/42p.


2oz Smoked Salmon

1 cup Egg Whites

42g Spinach

50g Mushrooms

22g Whipped Cream Cheese

Smoked Salmon, Whipped CreamChee, Spinach and Mushrooms. Topped with some Heinz Ketchup but not needed.

Smoked Salmon, Whipped CreamChee, Spinach and Mushrooms. Topped with some Heinz Ketchup but not needed.

This morning I went back to the east coast with a little “crab cake” frittata! This came out awesome and was helpful on this low carb rest day. I would have preferred to find some fresher crab meat and would have preferred blue crab but what I had was better than dungeness. The other change I would have made was adding Old Bay earlier in the process, but that’s what this is all about making and tweaking! So whats in a “crab cake” frittata and how did I make it? I took 3oz of canned lump crab meat, fat free cream cheese and some Laughing Cow Queso Fresco Chipotle and warmed it up on a medium pan. I added 1 cup of egg whites and followed the same procedure as above, but just before I popped it in the oven I crushed up two Kim’s mini pops and added it to the mix to give it the crunch and that light binder that you would get from a crab cake but still keeping the focus on the crab like they do in Maryland! Once I pulled it out of the oven I spread another wedge of the Laughing Cow and some Old Bay seasoning on top. If you want to take your taste buds on a trip to the east coast for some crab cakes this will definitely accomplish that! The macros for this frittata was 8c/5f/51p and worth every bit of it! I actually had this at 10am and now that it is 1pm I am still not hungry which is very important today when I am running on poverty macros! Give it a try and enjoy!


3oz Crab Meat

33g Fat Free Cream Cheese

2 Wedges of Laughing Cow Queso Fresco Chipotle

2 Kim’s Mini Pops

Old Bay to taste

Crab Meat, Chipotle Queso Laughing Cow, and FF CreamChee and Egg Whites. Topped with more of the queso and Old Bay

Crab Meat, Chipotle Queso Laughing Cow, and FF CreamChee and Egg Whites. Topped with more of the queso and Old Bay



Sweetatta – My Apple Cinnamon Frittata

How’s everyone doing today? As I am sure you have seen by reading this by now I have been on a frittata kick lately. They are simple, quick, delicious, easy to fit my macros and the combinations are endless! After messing around with some of the savory one I decided that I wanted something sweet on one of my 60 carb days and instead of using up half my carbs on cereal or oats I thought lets try a sweet frittata. I picked up some baby food to try in a few different ways and had some apple baby food and I also picked up some Laughing Cow cinnamon cream cheese which is amazing by the way. I also remember how the one time I did French toast instead of wasting the macros from the egg wash that I made an omelet out of it the remaining eggs that weren’t sucked up into the bread so I would basically make the base of the French toast as the eggs. Turns out this combination came out awesome! Last night I actually bought some small gala apples from Trader Joe’s and since it is a leg day I had some extra carbs to work with so I decided to get a little crunch in this one. I cut up one of the apples the night before except the core which ended up being exactly the serving size I needed and coated it in cinnamon to sit over night. This morning I tossed it in the pan with one pouch of the Laughing Cow cheese and 33g of fat free cream cheese. Once this was mixed up nicely I added 1.5 cups of Lana’s egg whites which I mixed in some cinnamon and 3 Stevia packets to and cooked a bit. Once it cooked just a little and the mixture was still wet I put it under the broiler for 10 minutes. Once it was done I pulled it out and placed it on a plate. I added another Laughing Cow on top and added some WF Pancake to it and it was an amazing breakfast to go with my slow cooker oatmeal that I made with prune baby food (yes I am still using this. Great macros and easy) and key lime white chocolate graham cracker myoatmeal.com mixture. I seriously thing that I could only eat the crust from the slow cooker oatmeal all day and be happy, but I digress. So here is the recipe and macros for the frittata followed by some pictures. This will be featured in my day of eating I am posting today from Sunday. Sorry the download of the videos took longer than expected.

With real apples (24c/8f/47p):

1 small apple cubed

2 Laughing Cow Cinnamon Cream Cheese

33g Fat Free Cream Cheese

366g Lana’s Egg Whites

Cinnamon to taste

Sweetener to taste

Place cubed apples and cinnamon in pan to heat up the apples. Add in one Laughing Cow Cream Cheese and the fat free cream cheese. Measure out the egg whites and add cinnamon and sweetener to them and mix. Pour the egg whites in the pan with the apples and stir to mix in the melted cheeses. Let cook for a bit constantly stirring the eggs off the pan. Place the pan under the broiler and cook for about 10 minutes until the eggs are fully cooked and slight crust around the edges. Make sure to use an oven mit to pull out the pan as the handle will be extremely hot! Remove the frittata from the pan and place slices of the remaining Laughing Cow on top. Enjoy! The macros for one with baby food, you can also use regular apple sauce but I recommend low or no sugar added, are 18c/8f/47p. Thinking of other ways to change this up, just thought of a chocolate banana one. Let me know any suggestions or if you try it what you think. This would also make a great dessert!


New Video: Stuffed Poblano Recipe

I have just finally finished editing a new video for you all. Here is my recipe for stuffed poblano peppers. This has become one of my favorite meals and its actually something that I have never had in a restaurant. I will also be putting together a day of eating video that I have been recording today with an amazing frittata recipe. Thanks as always and I look forward to hearing from all of you!