Wondering around trying to keep the crazy at bay. Knowing you will go 6 days without stress release of lifting is taxing. A walk in Forest Hills on a clear night for distraction. #6daystounleashhell

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How I’ll trying to learn to live life. #Repost @vinnierehab with @repostapp ・・・ Do you ever look at 🐶 and wonder…man I wish I had that life? Lol They got it figured out! They enjoy every single moment for what it is and don’t get boggled down by every day worries – We all get so busy with life, and it’s so easy to get lost in the little things and forget to actually live it 🙈 – So join me this week, and let’s attempt together to be more PRESENT and enjoy the ride! 🌳🌳☀️🌳🌳 #Myodetox #liveinthemoment #onethingatatime

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