March 8th Day of Eating

I woke up today at a weight of 172.8 which is the lowest I think I have been since high school and feeling really happy about how things are going. Just goes to show this lifestyle works if you follow it. Today was legs day so my carbs are a little higher but here it goes.

For breakfast I had an omelet with 1 cups of spinach, 80g of brown mushrooms, 1 slice of thin swiss cheese, 5 egg whites and topped with 34g of Simply Heinz Ketchup. Once I finished that I moved on to the morning carbs, yes I eat one thing at a time I’m weird like that. My morning carbs were 3 servings of puffed kamut and 3 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. To get a little more flavor out of it I added some Walden’s Farms chocolate syrup and some pancake syrup. If you haven’t tried Walden’s farms you should its zero calorie and sugar free. I recorded me making these meals and will be editing tonight or tomorrow. The macros for this meal were 50c/13f/45p. The omelet alone was 18c/5f/33p and the puffed kamut was 33c/8f/12p. This was a great meal to eat before the gym because the volume from the kamut kept me full for a while and none it really sat heavy in my stomach.

Post workout(34c/6f/51p):
After the gym I had one scoop of MTS Chocolate, one scoop of Cellucor Cookies and Cream, and 40g of prunes. I know I’m 28 what am I doing eating prune like an old person? Shut up I like them and they help with digesting the higher protein diet. Macros here were 34c/6f/51p.

Mid Morning(22c/2f/35p):
Once I got home from the gym around 11:30 I made up a salad. I know you think I make a lot of salad but I love the volume and I enjoy veggies. For this salad I used 2 cups of spinach as the base, added 44g of green peas not sweet, 1 4oz can of Starkist tuna in water, 200g of spaghetti squash, and 28g of fat free cheddar. I was going to make this a “tuna noodle casserole” but was heading to the mall so I decided to just throw it in a bowel and eat it. I’ll make up the casserole this week and shoot the video for it. The macros for the salad were 22c/2f/35p and it was a huge salad.

Lunch (25c/7f/26p):
Once I got back from the mall I made up another salad with 2 cups of butter lettuce, 4oz of ground venison, 30g of sauerkraut, and 85g of broccoli. I picked up the venison at Marx Food in Seattle. You can check them out at They have a huge selection of exotic meats and other items. This is also where I got some of my mushroom varieties. A little later I had an 80g frozen banana.

Dinner (37c/9f/33p):
For dinner I made a pita pizza that is similar to the one pictured but I used different mushrooms and was so hungry and distracted cleaning that I forgot to take a picture. For the crust I used Jasmine Bakery whole wheat pita which is one of the few that a serving is actually the whole pita. I topped it with 60g of my slow cooked pork tenderloin, 25g rehydrated(about 8g dried) candy cap mushrooms that I also got at Marx and they have a great maple flavor to them from the drying process, 32g of Contadina pizza sauce, and 2% Mexican cheese and threw it in the toast for about 5-10 minute. Once I pulled it out I topped it with some scorpion chili flakes for some burn. The macros for the pizza were 37c/9f/33p. I also had a skinny cow chocolate ganache cone. I look forward to these all week. The macros on the skinny cow were 28c/5f/4p.

Night snack (22c/7f/34p):
I am making another cake and topping it with my raspberry whipped cream cheese and vanilla maple Arctic Zero. For the cake it is 1tsp baking powder, Cellucor strawberry, 1.5tsp xanthum gum, 46g egg whites which is one egg, and water to thin. The macros are 8c/2f/30p. For the topping I mix Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese and Polaner Sugar Free Raspberry preserves with added fiber. Then I microwave the Arctic Zero for about 10 seconds to soften it up and put 70g on top of the cake and watch it melt a bit. The macros for the toppings are 14c/5f/4p. I’ll be making this shortly so I’ll add the picture up shortly.

As always thanks for checking out my blog and keep coming back. If you have any questions, comments or requests let me know in the comments or email me at Tomorrow I am going to try a Primanti Brothers style sandwich for lunch and pretty excited about it.

Some of todays meals

Started off the day with what I am calling a breakfast Rueben. I made two pieces of French Toast and made and egg over easy. I topped that with some sauerkraut that I made in the slow cooker a couple nights before, 2oz of boars head corned beef, and a slice of Swiss cheese. Instead of 1000 island I covered it in Walden’s farms pancake syrup. It was delicious and I am usually not a French toast person. The next picture is my pita pizza. Toppings for the pizza were morel mushrooms, pork tenderloin, and a little chopped up scorpion chili to add some burn! Finally is a peanut butter marshmallow cake cover in Arctic zero choco peanut butter and whipped cream cheese, fat free whipped topping, and raspberry preserves. Everything today was awesome and high volume! I’ll have the macros up shortly and I recorded some more video that I’ll get edited and posted tomorrow.

First Day of Eating and First Upload

Cooking up the pumpkin panckakes

Cooking up the pumpkin panckakes

Today is a pretty big day for this blog/channel. I managed to get my first video up on YouTube. I picked up a GoPro so you can look forward to a lot more videos now that I have the confidence in myself as I get leaner. The video can be found here: Keep in mind it is my first post and is a bit raw. It is a recipe for the cake that I had for dinner today.

For my day of eating I started the day off with some pumpkin pancakes. I recorded a video for these but haven’t had a chance to edit it yet and not sure about the quality. Here is the recipe and macros. I usually use whole wheat flour but decided to try something different today:

Ingredients:Salad for dinner with omelet

244g Pumpkin

4g baking powder

1/2cup of unsweetened almond milk

1 scoop Cellucor Cinnamon Swirl

184g egg whites

30g coconut flour


Whisk everything together and cook over medium high heat about 2-3 minutes each side..

For the topping I mixed Fage 0, Polaner Sugar Free Raspberry Preserves, and both Whipped and Fat Free Cream Cheese. 14C/5F/17P

Here are the completed pancakes.

Here are the completed pancakes.

For mid-morning I had a salad with butter lettuce, tuna, spaghetti squash, and some sauerkraut with some Waldens farm bacon ranch. 16C/2f/22P

Tuna salad

Tuna salad

Lunch was another salad with baby spinach, mushrooms, Nasoya shirataki noodles, spaghetti squash, ground elk, sauerkraut, and some Waldens Farms 1000 Island. 18C/10F/38P.

Elk salad

Elk salad

Guess what I had for dinner! A salad with baby spinach and sauerkraut. On top of that I made an omelet with 2 whole eggs, 4 egg whites, mushrooms and pork tenderloin and added some Waldens Farms. 11C/21F/69P.

Salad for dinner with omelet

Salad for dinner with omelet

For dessert I had another salad. Just kidding! I made a POV cake. I posted the video of it to Youtube as I mentioned above but the macros were 18C/6F/31P

The pork and sauerkraut I made in my slow cooker yesterday and they came out amazing. I’ll post a video of how I make it when I run out.