Day 2 IF

Today went even better than yesterday. I woke weighting in at 184.3 and had a cup of coffee, packed my meals and headed to the gym. On the way in I took a scoop of iX3 pre alpha. Hit a hard back, trap, and bicep work out followed by 400 calories of cardio on the elliptical. Once the eating window opened I had Greek yogurt, blueberries, PB2, MTS no bake cookie whey, and some 3 musketteers minis. Along with that I had a slice of protein PB&J cheesecake. I will post that recipe tomorrow. For lunch I had two pieces of Daves Killer Bread thin slices and homemade chopped liver and sugar free and fat free vanilla pudding. Finishing off the eating window with dinner was leg of lamb, Asian veggie mix, a Einstein Bros whole wheat bagel and two slices of fat free American cheese. Just before the window closed I topped it off with a slice of TCBY cookies and Cream pie. 

I hit my training day macros as expected and have been enjoying what I am eating. Not really having any cravings. I am finishing off the chopped liver and leg of lamb tomorrow so I will be back on some chicken thigh. I have been Sous Vide cooking it and with be coming up with some ways to spice it up a bit. Starting tomorrow I will be back on taking some pictures. I also hope to get back to taking video and trying to Vlog. Have a good night!

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