Sweetatta – My Apple Cinnamon Frittata

How’s everyone doing today? As I am sure you have seen by reading this by now I have been on a frittata kick lately. They are simple, quick, delicious, easy to fit my macros and the combinations are endless! After messing around with some of the savory one I decided that I wanted something sweet on one of my 60 carb days and instead of using up half my carbs on cereal or oats I thought lets try a sweet frittata. I picked up some baby food to try in a few different ways and had some apple baby food and I also picked up some Laughing Cow cinnamon cream cheese which is amazing by the way. I also remember how the one time I did French toast instead of wasting the macros from the egg wash that I made an omelet out of it the remaining eggs that weren’t sucked up into the bread so I would basically make the base of the French toast as the eggs. Turns out this combination came out awesome! Last night I actually bought some small gala apples from Trader Joe’s and since it is a leg day I had some extra carbs to work with so I decided to get a little crunch in this one. I cut up one of the apples the night before except the core which ended up being exactly the serving size I needed and coated it in cinnamon to sit over night. This morning I tossed it in the pan with one pouch of the Laughing Cow cheese and 33g of fat free cream cheese. Once this was mixed up nicely I added 1.5 cups of Lana’s egg whites which I mixed in some cinnamon and 3 Stevia packets to and cooked a bit. Once it cooked just a little and the mixture was still wet I put it under the broiler for 10 minutes. Once it was done I pulled it out and placed it on a plate. I added another Laughing Cow on top and added some WF Pancake to it and it was an amazing breakfast to go with my slow cooker oatmeal that I made with prune baby food (yes I am still using this. Great macros and easy) and key lime white chocolate graham cracker myoatmeal.com mixture. I seriously thing that I could only eat the crust from the slow cooker oatmeal all day and be happy, but I digress. So here is the recipe and macros for the frittata followed by some pictures. This will be featured in my day of eating I am posting today from Sunday. Sorry the download of the videos took longer than expected.

With real apples (24c/8f/47p):

1 small apple cubed

2 Laughing Cow Cinnamon Cream Cheese

33g Fat Free Cream Cheese

366g Lana’s Egg Whites

Cinnamon to taste

Sweetener to taste

Place cubed apples and cinnamon in pan to heat up the apples. Add in one Laughing Cow Cream Cheese and the fat free cream cheese. Measure out the egg whites and add cinnamon and sweetener to them and mix. Pour the egg whites in the pan with the apples and stir to mix in the melted cheeses. Let cook for a bit constantly stirring the eggs off the pan. Place the pan under the broiler and cook for about 10 minutes until the eggs are fully cooked and slight crust around the edges. Make sure to use an oven mit to pull out the pan as the handle will be extremely hot! Remove the frittata from the pan and place slices of the remaining Laughing Cow on top. Enjoy! The macros for one with baby food, you can also use regular apple sauce but I recommend low or no sugar added, are 18c/8f/47p. Thinking of other ways to change this up, just thought of a chocolate banana one. Let me know any suggestions or if you try it what you think. This would also make a great dessert!


5 thoughts on “Sweetatta – My Apple Cinnamon Frittata

  1. Apples and eggs – what a great combo idea! I’ve been using bananas and eggs lately, and the sweet crepe that results is delicious. I add cinnamon to jazz it up but it’s not necessary. Sometimes I add goats cheese (which is quite low in saturated fat), and it’s wonderful. Once I added ancho chili sauce and it was FAB. PS What are those three numbers you use?

    • Thanks for checking out the blog!

      I am hooked on the apples and eggs. I am going to have to give those banana crepes a try. Sounds a little like a bananas foster crepe with the cinnamon.

      The three numbers are the carbs(c), fats(f), and protein(p) which are the macronutrients.

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